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TelForms and Personal Computers.

Installing Java

After downloading the Java installer for your platform from the Java Web Site - open up the Java Control Panel or check Java version from the Command Line:-

java -version

Check the Java site to ensure your version is reasonably up to date. Open up the Java Control Panel to check that Network connections, such as Proxy Server if applicable are correctly set. Set Jar File cache levels to appropriate levels. It is a good idea to reboot after upgrading the Java Virtual Machine.

Web Browser Configuration

Check that your Browser has Java enabled, and optionally JavaScript. You may have more than one version of Java installed. Check to see that the Browser is configured to use the latest version. Ensure Browser settings, Network Settings, Firewall and Virus security software are adequate, but not too restrictive.

Downloading TelForm

You will normally click on a URL hyperlink in a web page to load the applet, which is embedded in a web page. Alternatively you may copy the address to the clipboard, if say copying from text email, and paste it into the navigation bar of your browser. Check security details, perhaps by clicking on the 'padlock' icon, depending on browser.

Running a TelForm

Look out for browser messages that it has prevented the Applet from running.

The Entry page shows the TelForm Schema type, eg Customer, and version.

If there is a choice of actions or TelForms (configured by your TelForm provider), choose an action from the drop-down Main Menu:

  • New Form:- The Main TelForm.
  • D'base Admin:-Not enabled here.
  • Edit Prefs:-Not enabled here.

A TelForm may have 5 possible Command buttons:-

  • Apply:- First (optional) confirmation.
  • OK:- Final or only Confirmation.
  • Cancel:- Reset to Main Menu.
  • Help:- TelForm field instructions from XML Schema.
  • Autodata:- Used to Auto-Enter legitimate data for testing with TelFormFactory.

Fields with red background are compulsory and must not be left blank.

Most fields are Text or 'String' Fields, similar to those in HTML or web pages. Other field types include the ExclusiveChoiceType where only one 'Radio button' may be chosen at a time or MultipleChoiceType Checkbox group where any options may be checked in the 'Checkbox Group'.

Press Help Command at any time for specific Help on the Field.

Enter your data. When data entry is complete, press Apply.

If no Data errors are seen the 'OK' button will be enabled. Press to send data or Cancel to return to Main Menu.

If the Browser reports Error: access denied ( or similar suggests that the applet has not been signed by the TelForm provider. Contact the originator in this case. Configure your Browser to ease security constraints for testing purposes only.

In case of Network problems check Proxy Server configuration is correct in Control Panel.

After sending TelForm Data the response depends on the TelFormHost. The demo TelFormHost site issues a success message and installs a further menu option to view your TelForm data in a PDF document.

In case of problems, Read Text Field for error details. If problems persist you should use the Java Control Panel or Browser Menu to clear files and data. This may require the browser to be closed down and restarted. If this still does not work try (installing) an alternative Web Browser such as Firefox, Opera and others.

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