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TelForms and Mobile Devices

This version of the TelForm Midlet is initially aimed at MIDP1.0 CLDC1.0 in order to reach a wider client base.

A Java Midlet is a programme downloaded from the Internet in the same way as an applet. The midlet runs on Java handheld devices, such as Mobile 'phones. Modern devices provide a considerable area of storage available to Midlets, though this memory is separate from the Operating System. Often the Customer has to give specific permission to use Network facilities, unless it has been specially certified LINK PAGE. By default TelForm data is stored locally before sending, in case of interruption or poor coverage.

Mobile Devices and Java

As far as is known the Java device capabilities, conforming to Java Community Process references known as Java Service RequestsJSRs notably including Mobile Information Device ProfileMIDP and Connected Limited Device ConfigurationCLDC profiles, are generally not upgradeable after device manufacture, though undoubtedly this will change. Future versions of TelForms may incorporate more features but this version of TelForms should work on all conforming devices.

TelForms JAD and JAR files

The TelForm Java code and other related programme data are included in the Java archive or jar file which does not differ very much from the jar files of other Application and Applet programmes. The jar file is often accompanied by a Java Archive Descriptor or JAD which is a text file containing information about the programme such as the device requirements needed to run it, version data, where it may be downloaded, and perhaps costs and other information if relevant. Download or forward a TelForm Java Midlet by sending the JAD file to the target device using any of the inbuilt methods:-

  • Browsing Click on the link and wait for it to be downloaded and saved to your device. Note where it is stored (Games folder?), in case you are not using it immediately.
  • SMS 'Over The Air Message' Normally you can accept defaults. All previous comments apply.
  • Bluetooth, Infrared, Cable Connection from PC or device. The device manufacturer application may be needed for this. Do not forget to switch off connection after use to preserve battery life.

Mobile Internet access

Contact your Service Provider and/or your device manufacturer regarding enabling Internet access. Costs are constantly decreasing and packages may be fairly cheap. Settings are usually sent 'Over The Air' (OTA) in the form of an SMS message. Follow the instructions for loading the settings. Keep a note of the following, especially when switching Service Providers:-

  • Internet Access Configuration.
  • Account type or identity.
  • Access Point.

Once certain your Internet access is working satisfactorily, there are other points to watch out for:-

  • A seemingly 'unlocked' mobile from one Service Provider may be customised for Mobile Internet access for that provider making access to another service difficult.
  • Some Service Providers imposes Service or Content restrictions on Internet access. You may need to register for full Internet access.
  • It may be that Internet 'browsing' from the main menu works but a Java midlet cannot get network access. This may happen if the configuration is only partially correct, such as Access Point.
  • Some Service Providers may impose restrictions on Midlet size.

Mobile TelForms

Read your device documentation, these are general comments. When filling in a New Form it is probably better to switch off predictive text. Often the device allows one application (ie TelForm) command and may place other Commands under a More or Options sub-menu. Some device error screens will time-out while others need to be acknowledged. Check for accidental data over-write in case of timer alerts. This also means there may be on 'OK' Command from the device when you were not expecting one.

The Splash screen shows the TelForm Schema type, eg Customer, and version. Select OK.

Menu and Field Selections are normally made with joystick-type action. Visible Menu options are context-sensitive, depending on previous response. If there is a choice of actions or TelForms (configured by your TelForm provider), choose an action from the Main Menu:

  • New Form:- The Main TelForm.
  • D'base Admin:-Not enabled here.
  • Edit Prefs:-Not enabled here.
  • About TelForms:- TelForm information. This is a device 'dialogue' and may need acknowledging to dismiss.

Text or 'String' Fields can be of the following data types:-

  • Text:- Any data can go here.
  • Date:- How a date is entered depends on your device and internationalisation settings.
  • Telephone:- Need this type, else error.
  • Email:- Need this type, else error.
  • Number:- Need this type, else error.

NOTE: As MIDP 1.0 devices cannot handle decimals, some TelForm numerical datatype fields need to be configured as Text type. Just use the keypad to enter the numerical data.

TelForm Commands

TelForm has 5 possible Command Options (not all at the same time):-

  • OK:- Final or only Confirmation.
  • Apply:- First (optional) confirmation.
  • Cancel:- Reset to Main Menu.
  • Exit:- Exit TelForm.
  • Help:- TelForm field instructions (from XML Schema) or Auto-Entry (Demo versions).

Other field types include Single Option or Multiple Option 'widgets' which are device specific.

Press Help Command at any time for specific Help on the Field.

When data entry is complete, press OK (TelForm command).

If no Data errors are seen data will be stored in memory for sending and Main Menu will be shown. You may exit the TelForm here.

Sending TelForm Data

When running a TelForm stored data which has not been sent is detected, and details of TelForm type, time and date will be seen. This must be acknowledged. Two additional Main Menu Options are then seen:-

Send Form:-Data is loaded from store. Press OK to send. You may then need to confirm Network access.

  • If successful a message with reference will be seen in the Text Field.
  • In this case an additional Menu Option will be seen:- Email PDF Form.
  • Enter a valid email address and your TelForm data, integrated with the original XML Schema data - will be emailed to you in PDF Format.

Delete Store:-

In case of problems:-

  • Read Text Field and 'Ticker' message for details.
  • Ensure your Network access is good - consider the coverage, credit, finger trouble.
  • Can you still browse from device menu?
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