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TelFormFactory 'Fursty Ferret' release for Linux and Windows in zip file - "Sunday 25 August 2013"


Size of : 17MB

md5sum : ccb5e52fc954aec31e97bddc9686fe10


Run TelFormFactory.jnlp webstart with webstart or javaws. Needs Internet access to check Online Certificate Status. Examine all Certificates.

Latest features

  • JNLP web-launch files for 'TelFormFactory'.
  • All code and documents are signed.
  • Application, Applet and Midlet Clients generated in less than 7 seconds.
  • Generated XML Schema and data is validated by 6 different validators (4 enclosed).
  • Icon Editor for internationalisation almost complete.
  • Improved Integral and Online Help.
  • Bug fixing and tidying - see TelForm Clients and TelFormHost.
  • TelFormFactory files are validated before loading.
  • RegEx Editor validates Expressions and provides testing and Help.

Known problems

  • Preferences Management almost complete.
  • SCP and FTP to TelFormHost needs some polish.
  • Problems with Storage manager for mobile midp1 TelForm.
  • Translate DTD to XML Schema is withdrawn.

To Do


  • Integrated TelForm to TelFormHost application 'TelFormForum' progressing well.
  • RegEx catalogue of useful expressions.
  • Favourite datatypes facility.
  • Revisit inline and online Help
  • TelForm designer fixed preferences, eg Company logo etc.
  • Sound.


TelForm Clients

  • Try demo versions and see your results in pdf format.


  • Demonstration now available via 'AllTypesTelForm' clients.
  • Standalone 'AllTypesTelForm' and Signed browser Applet 'AllTypesTelForm' client - save pdf to file.
  • Mobile Midlet 'AllTypesTelForm' client - email pdf to you.

TelFormFactory Licence for pre-release versions

  • All Rights are reserved.
  • No guarantees are given.
  • Outputs generated by TelFormFactory are free and may not be protected.
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